FINAL: Bruins 5 Devils 4

If the Bruins were playing against a real hockey team, they wouldve lost that game. Thankfully, they were playing the New Jersey Devils. The Devils suck this year. They were winless in their last 7 games coming into the game and as of right now, wouldnt even make the playoffs.

This is a team that made it to the Stanley Cup Finals last season.  Damn, how the mightly have fallen.  With the win, the Bruins swept the season series 3-0.

The Bruins are now in first place in the Northeast Division and the #2 overall seed in the Eastern Conference.  They are 4 points behind the Penguins with one game in hand and play the pathetic Islanders, the pathetic Hurricanes, the pathetic Senators (who the Bruins friggin own) and the pathetic Sabres before the big game with the Penguins on April 19th.  I cannot friggin wait.