FINAL: Bruins 6 Hurricanes 2

The Debbie Downers among us will say, "yea but it was against the Hurricanes and they've lost 11 out of their last 12 games" and "but they gave up 42 shots." I dont give a shit. They scored a season high 6 goals and 11 different players had at least 1 point.

Campbell, Caron, Ference, Hamilton, Horton, Jagr, Lucic, Marchand, Peverely, Seidenberg and Thornton all had points.  That is pretty damn impressive.  Marchand had 2 goals and Dennis Seidenberg had a career high 3 assists. 

The Bruins couldve sleep-walked through this game and they didnt. They showed up and they deserve a good ball washing.  And Claude Julien deserves some credit too.  He dropped Tyler Seguin to the third line and put Gregory Campbell at center between Marchand and Jagr and the dude ended the night with 2 assists and a +3.

Dont get me wrong, I love Tyler Seguin and dont think he's done by any stretch of the imagination.  But Julien saw something he didnt like and had the balls to shake up the lines....and it worked out.  I have no problem giving Julien a little ball washing right now.
Anyway, this win felt good considering the Bruins were coming off a game in which they absolutely shat the bed up in Montreal.  They needed a game like this.

They are now 8-0-1 in their last nine home games and play the #9 seed Devils on Wednesday then the Islanders on Thursday.  Lets hope for a couple of good ass whippings and maybe they can get some momentum going into that April 19th game against the new-look Penguins.