FINAL: Red Sox 3 Rays 2

Believe me, Im not ignoring what Ryan Dempster did in this game, but that walk off was friggin awesome and deserves to be the headline today.  When Andrew Bailey came into the game and shat the bed, I started throwing stuff around the house and I thought the Red Sox had pissed this one away.  Thank you, Mike Napoli.

Ryan Dempster was friggin awesome in this game though. His final line was 7 IP, 1 ER, 2 H, 10 K. The Red Sox starting pitching has been lights out for the entire series.  For the series, starters went 22 innings, struck out 26 and a had an era of 0.82.

In the three game series, the Rays scored a total of 3 runs.  This pitching staff (other than the closer role) has been pissa.

But on to Andrew Bailey.  I really thought he would come in and make us forget about that headcase that is Joel Hanrahan. But nope.  The guy sucked.  I think its safe to say the closer role is still a shitshow.   What really pisses me off is that even though he shat the bed in the ninth, Bailey still got the win in this game.

Anyway, so the Red Sox swept the Tampon Bay Rays and made them look like a Little League team in the process.  This series just proved that there is not one team in the AL East that scares me.