FINAL: Red Sox 5 Orioles 8

Joel Fucken Hanrahan came into the ninth inning with a two run lead and gave up a home run, a single, two walks, a wild pitch then another home run.  The friggin guy gave up 5 runs for Christ's sake.  I thought we were done with this bullshit when Afredo Aceves stopped being the closer. I thought Joel Hanrahan was an actual closer. This is sickening.

Remember, before coming to the Red Sox, the dude was the closer for the Pirates. The people in Pittsburgh dont give a shit about baseball like people in Boston do. All they care about is the Steelers and washing Sidney Crosby's balls. When Hanrahan wakes up tomorrow and see's his face on both newspapers then turns on the news and see the "highlights" of himself shitting the bed, this guy may turn into a psychological mess.

If he hadnt shat the bed, the story today would be the fact that Daniel Nava and Jarrod Saltalamacchia went back to back and made the Orioles their bitch. But instead I have to talk about the closer blow it. This sucks.

Actually, do you know what really sucks? Alfredo "The Shit Show" Aceves is going to start for John Lackey Thursday. I hate to sound like a Debbie Downer, but this asshole will be lucky to last 3 innings. I dont even want to friggin wake up tomorrow.