Final: Red Sox 6 Astros 1. The Red Sox Have Now Tied Franchise Record With 18 Wins In The Month Of April. This Team Is Friggin Awesome.

It was nice to see John Lackey basically continue his AAA rehab assignment on Sunday. He pitched 6 innings against "the team with a lower payroll than Arod's yearly salary" and allowed only 1 run, striking out 4 and walking 2.

The Red Sox have now won 5 straight games and have tied the franchise record for most wins in the month of April with 18.  This is un friggin real.  I cant get over the fact that they were an absolute shit show last season at this time and now have the best record in Major League Baseball.

And all the Debbie Downers can stop saying, "its early."  Its not friggin early anymore.   We're 25 games into the season.  This team is good.  Its okay to accept it now.  You're not going to look like an asshole.

Anyway, the Red Sox are headed to Toronto to play 3 against the Blue Jays starting Tuesday.  If you havent noticed, the team that most people predicted would win the AL East are currently in (drumroll please) last place.  Sucks to be them.