FINAL: Red Sox 6 Indians 3

A lot of people predicted the Red Sox to finish close to the bottom of the AL East. Right now, they are 10-4 and are in first place in the AL East. I dont give a shit that its early. They are playing better than anyone expected and have done it with a shitty closer and with David Ortiz and John Lackey on the DL.

I cant believe Im going to say this, but Alfredo Aceves has actually been decent as a starter. He has not shat the bed and Im am friggin stunned, He has gone at least five innings in each of his two starts while allowing 2 runs and 3 runs respectively.  That isnt too bad for a guy who shat the bed nightly last season.

If I had told you before the season that the Red Sox would be in first place in the AL East after 14 games, you'd think I was batshit crazy. Well, they are. They just won their fifth game in a row and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

 I have had absolutely nothing to bitch about this season and I like it that way.