I Really Want To Hate The Tampa Bay Lightning, But I Just Cant Right Now. Look What They Did To Their Official Facebook Page.

This is the Tampa Bay Lightning's Facebook page and yes, that says Boston Strong (real, not photoshopped).

I remember during the Bruins 2011 Stanley Cup run, Tampa Bay Lightning president (and Bruins legend) Phil Esposito said, "I dont give one damn about Boston" and that sent me off the deep end.  I really despised that organization after that.

I thought it was a dick thing to say considering the people around here always showed Esposito nothing but love.  It just seemed so heartless and unprovoked.

Anyway, fast forward to today.  I saw the Tampa Bay Lightnings Facebook page and I just cant help but back off from my stance.  I mean, they didnt have to put "Boston Strong" on their page, but they did.  And thats just friggin awesome.

Thank you, Tampa Bay.