If You Wonder Why I Have A Stick Up My Ass Over The Rays, This Is Why

I hate the Tampon Bay Rays probably just as much as the Yankees. And this is what put me over the top:

I respect David Price as a pitcher, I really do.  The guy has good stuff and I cant deny that.  But the day that he blocked me on twitter, I lost all respect for him.

I mean, I was just busting his balls.  Thats what I do. There was no need to blocked me.  The fact that he even responded to me makes him look like a dick and a fake tough guy. I'm convinced he just doesnt like massholes and wanted to show off to all 50 Rays fans out there.

The day he tweeted that, I got harassed by a bunch of people who think baseball is supposed to be played indoors with air conditioning.  It was so friggin pathetic.  Anyway, screw David Price, screw Joe Maddon and screw the Tampon Bay Rays.