John Farrell Officially Names Andrew Bailey Closer And Joel Hanrahan Didnt Start A Shit Storm. I Am Stunned Right Now.


Joel Hanrahan, who began the season as the Sox closer, came off the 15-day disabled list and was told by manager John Farrell on Tuesday afternoon that he will be setting up for Andrew Bailey.

"It's definitely not a surprise," Hanrahan said. "There's not a whole lot of guys who get hurt, miss a couple of weeks and get thrown back in that role. Whatever happens is going to happen."
"I just want to be one of the 25 guys helping us to win," Hanrahan said. "The way we're playing right now, I'm not trying to stir any controversy."

Arent Major League Baseball players supposed to bitch and moan when they lose their jobs?  Arent they supposed to tear apart the clubhouse and turn things toxic?  These 2013 Red Sox just continue to surprise the hell out me.

I mean, a part of me thinks Hanrahan just doesnt want the job. But a part of me thinks John Farrell has that clubhouse by the balls, is being up front with the guys and and wont put up with any bullshit.

Im telling you, Farrell deserves to win manager of the year based on how he handled the closer situation alone.  If Bobby Valentine were managing this team, we'd be in the middle of a massive shit storm right now.