London Marathon Will Go On As Planned Sunday, Sending A Strong Message To Any Cowards Out There Planning Any More Bullshit.

From ESPN:
Determined to put on a show of "solidarity" for Boston, London Marathon organizers will stage their race on Sunday despite the threat of terrorism.

British sports minister Hugh Robertson said the London Marathon, watched by an estimated 500,000 spectators and run through some of the city's most recognizable landmarks, should be staged as planned to show "we won't be cowered by this sort of behavior."

Im not going to sit here and pretend to know who was behind the bombings yesterday.  It may have been a terrorist organization or it may have been a couple of rogue assholes.  Im not an expert and I dont know.

Regardless of who did it, it was an act of terrorism.  And kudos to the organizers of the London Marathon for having the big brass balls to go on with their marathon as planned.  They just gave a huge middle finger to anyone who may be planning any more bullshit.

So despite their snooty attitudes and blatant disregard for dental hygiene, today I commend the people of London.