Meanwhile, Down In Pawtucket...

This is the box score from last nights Pawtucket Red Sox game.  I really wish Stephen Drew was on twitter so I could send this to him and remind him what a piece of shit he really is.

If you didn't know, Drew is batting .121 this year.  The guy is making $9.5 million.  He is stealing money from this team.  I swear to Christ, the Red Sox keep putting him out there night after night just to bust our balls.

I dont know what kind of dirt the Drew family has on the Red Sox front office, but it must be juicy considering they gave JD Drew $70 million to do absolutely nothing (except hit one grand slam in a playoff game) and are now giving his brother $9.5 million to play baseball with a thumb up his ass.

I mean, the fact that the Red Sox are 13-6 with this guy on the roster is nothing short of a miracle.