MLB Commissioner Bud Selig Says David Ortiz Dropping An F Bomb Was "Outstanding." I Shit You Not.

Bud Selig may have a thorn up his ass when it comes to expanded use of instant replay and computers calling balls and strikes, but he isnt as much as an old fart as you might think.

From ESPNBoston:
Add baseball commissioner Bud Selig to the list of people giving David Ortiz a thumbs up for his expletive-punctuated message Saturday at Fenway Park.
"I agree with the FCC. I thought David Ortiz's choice of words was outstanding, given what he was trying to say. I mean that sincerely."

Ortiz threw his head back and laughed when told of Selig's response after Boston's 7-2 win over Houston Thursday night at Fenway Park. "That's my man," he said. "That's my main man right there. That guy loves me. He's a good dude, man."

I really didnt expect this.  If anything, I figured Selig would fine Ortiz.  I can't believe Im going to say this, but Selig is pissa.