NHL Tells Swedish Ice Hockey Federation To Screw. Carl Soderberg Is Officially A Bruin And Will Leave Sweden Tuesday.

Whoever negotiated the release of Carl Soderberg should be sent to the friggin Gaza Strip to settle the bullshit between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Last week, it was reported (basically everywhere) that the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation would not grant Soderberg his release.  The idea of him coming to Boston was all but dead.  They cited the fact that he was still under contract with Linkoping and even went so far as to say it was a "matter of principle."

Then this weekend we found out he had been given his release and will reportedly be on a plane to Boston Tuesday. 

The Swedish Ice Hockey Federation can suck it.  Who they hell were they to think they could hold him hostage?  Soderberg signed a contract and even wrote a letter declaring he wouldn’t play for team Sweden yet they were still being hard asses about the whole thing.

I know people will think Im an arrogant American bragging about how we got our way, but that isn’t the case…necessarily.  Im just a man who believes in individual freedom and doesnt like the idea of assholes in suits dictating how the working man lives his life.

But I digress.  Anyway, I know people are expecting Soderberg to be buried on the third line, but if I could swap places with Claude Julien, these would be the lines going forward (once Bergeron and Marchand come back):