Ok, Its Getting Pathetic. Red Sox Are Using Wally's Birthday To Lure People To Fenway Park.

It was a sad day when the Red Sox announced they would be selling hot dogs 2 for 1 and offering cheap beer in an attempt to get asses in the seats at Fenway Park.  Now they are using the mascot's birthday as a way to lure people in.

I dont know what the hell they have planned--maybe a huge birthday cake in center field or a sing-along or something---but this just seems so gimmicky.

The Red Sox front office has to accept the fact that people just dont want to sit in shitty weather in April and watch an unproven team.  Having a birthday party for a friggin mascot is AAA bullshit, not something a Major League team does.  And it just reeks of desperation, it really does.