It Appears The Swedes Are Being Real Dickheads. They Wont Release Carl Soderberg Based On 'Principle.'

Via @LinusHugosson

Linus Hugosson of Pro Hockey Magazine is reporting that the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation wont release Carl Soderberg despite the fact that he has agreed to a contract with the Bruins and has reportedly written a letter "expressing his unwillingness" to play for Sweden at the Worlds.

Not setting him free is a real dick move.  I mean, the guy obviously wants to play in the NHL.  There is no reason for the Swedes to be dicks about this. 

This is just another example of why the United States of America is the greatest country in the world.  We invented Chinese food delivery and we dont hold our own people hostage.  Fuck that.

We have individual freedom in this country.  And when dickheads with more power than us make stupid decisions, based on 'principle,' we lawyer up and get our way.  I just wish it was the same in Sweden.  This sucks.  This really, really sucks.