This Past Weekend New Yorkers Proved They Are Still Dickheads. Im All Friggin Done Being Nice To These People.

This is from the Rangers Devils game on Sunday:

And this is from the Celtics Knicks game on Saturday (yes, that is Paul Pierce getting booed):

I can't do it.  I just cant pretend to not hate New York fans anymore. Sure, the cheers were louder than the boos and not every Rangers fan was slapping his ass at the American flag, but the fact that anyone booed and the fact that even one dude slapped his ass at the American flag pisses me off.

These people are assholes.  Thats all there is to it.  For a few days, they showed a hint of class but I am getting the impression that they were just faking it.  I think deep down inside, they are all assholes.  Every one of them.

I think the organizations get it.  I mean, it was great to see Sweet Caroline being played at Yankee stadium and it was awesome that the Knicks had a ceremony at all.  But the fans?  I get the impression that they were just grinning and bearing it.

I mean, how can they go from being so sympathetic and caring on Tuesday to such douchebags in less than a week?  I can tell you how--they were faking it all along.  Thats what assholes do.  And Im all set being nice to those pricks.  They lost me this weekend.  They really did.

By the way, after the Celtics Knicks game, Carmelo Anthony said that booing Paul Pierce 'wasnt the right thing to do.' He gets it.  The guy might be an overrated ego magiac with a psycho wife, but he gets it.