A Bar In Pittsburgh Is Refusing To Sell Sam Adams During Conference Finals. As If We Give A Shit.

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A bar in Pittsburgh called Howlers Coyote Cafe is refusing to sell any Boston beer during the Eastern Conference Finals.

Real cute.  As if the people of Boston really give a shit.  All these morons are doing is depriving the people of Pittsburgh good beer.  But the owner is probably sitting in his shitty house in Pittsburgh laughing his ass off thinking he is doing the people of Pittsburgh a favor.

If he wanted to do them a favor, he would relocate the entire population out of that shithole and into a real sports town.  I mean, their teams are so hard to root for.  Their football team is anchored by a rapist and their hockey team is lead by one of the biggest prima donna's in all of sport.  On top of that, they dont have a basketball team or a baseball team (the Pirates dont count).

Now they are being deprived of real beer.  Poor bastids.