Alfredo Aceves Has Been Sent Back To Pawtucket. See, I Told You He Sucked.

So in the end, the Red Sox used Alfredo Aceves like a dirty whore. They needed a spot start out of someone, so they tossed him out there hoping he would survive against a shitty Phillies team and he did. Then, literally a day later, they buried him back in the minors. Good.

And for all you thinking that he pitched well on Monday night, well even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then. This dude sucks.

He and Bobby Valentine were the reasons 2012 was such a shit show and, as far as Im concerned, he should never show his face in this town again...just like Bobby Valentine.  And whenever his ugly mug does show up around here, Ill be sure to shit all over it. 

Mission accomplished this go-round.