Alfredo Aceves Will Start In Place Of Clay Buchholz Tonight. This Has Got To Be A Friggin Joke.

Clay Buchholz has irritation in his right AC joint and some genius in the Red Sox front office thought it was a good idea to give Alfredo Aceves another shot at starting.  Yes, Alfredo "Fucken" Aceves.

The guy who has an 8.20 era this season.  The guy who, in his last start, allowed 7 earned runs in 3.1 innings.  The guy who is holding opponents to a .325 batting average this year.  And the guy who, on top of everything I just said, is a wicked big asshole.

Remember, after his last start (the one in which he gave up 7 earned runs in 3.1 innings and the Red Sox ended up losing 13-0) he infamously blamed the Red Sox offense asking, "Why didnt they hit?"

He was optioned to Pawtucket the next day and John Farrell went out of his way to say that the demotion was solely "performance based."  Yea, ok.  You cant bullshit a bullshitter.  They sent him down because the guy is an asshole who pitches when he wants to pitch but most of the time just stands on the mound with his dick in his hand.

The dude has a serious attitude problem and probably a personality disorder too.  He does not deserve to be in the big leagues, never mind start for the Boston Red Sox.

Just the idea of Alfredo Aceves standing on the mound come first pitch Monday night pisses me off.  I mean, there is a really good chance that he shits all over our Memorial Day.  And what pisses me off even more is that he probably wont even care.