Carmelo Anthony's Wife (aka Honey Nut Cheerio) Responded To Jordan Crawford's Trash Talking

If you live under a rock and dont know, Jordan Crawford was talking some serious shit about Carmelo Anthony's wife after Game 5 last night.  Well, La La has responded (yes, she goes by the name La La):

via @Lala

The instragram image was a graphic that said, "strong women only intimidate weak men." 

Im really disappointed.  I mean, that's the best she can do?  Crawford said either, "my friend fucked your wife" or "mother fucker fucked your wife" (I still havent found an expert lip reader to give me a definite answer) and thats her comeback?

I figured a "strong woman" wouldve come up with something a little more hurtful.  She couldve gone the "you have a tiny dink" route or make a joke about Delonte West fucking his mother or something.  Calling him a bench player is pretty weak trash talking.