David Ortiz Posts A Wise Ass Tweet About Dan Shaughnessy After The Prick Accused Him Of Being On Steroids. Good For You, Big Papi. Good For You.

If you dont know, Dan Shaughnessy wrote a piece in the Boston Globe on Wednesday (which I will not put a link to here because I dont want to give the douchebag the web traffic) not only accusing David Ortiz of being on steroids, but absolutely drilling him on the matter.

Then Wednesday night, David Ortiz proceeded to go hitless and his career long 27 game hitting streak came to an end.

Shaughnessy is an asshole.  He is an absolute asshole.  Whats sad is that Shaughnessy knew he was being an asshole when he drilled Ortiz.  He knew that the line of questioning was baseless and outrageous, like a psycho wife accusing their husband of cheating "just because."  And Little Orphan Annie just didnt give a shit.  He was trying to create a story and he did.

Im not going to lie, I actually grew up reading Shaughnessy in the Boston Globe.  I would look forward to reading his articles.  Then, at some point, the guy began to suck at writing.  Now, the only time people talk about his work is when he makes himself the story. And that is so friggin sad.

The fact that he gets paid to do what he does just blows my mind.  It absolutely blows my mind.