GAME 5 FINAL: Bruins 1 Maple Leafs 2

Everything about that game sucked.  Well, except Tuukka Rask.  Everything else sucked.  It was Game 5, at home.  There is no excuse for the Bruins playing the way they did.

I usually dont write after loses because I get hyper emotional and I dont want to say a bunch of stupid shit that makes me look like a bitter asshole bashing the home town teams.  But tonight I just have to get this shit off my chest.

Horton was a no-show.  Lucic was a no-show.  Marchand was a no-show.  Seguin was a no-show.  Bergeron was a no-show.   These friggin guys have to step up in games like this.  Skating around with their collective thumbs up their asses is an insult to the people who follow this team and pay money to watch them play.

This was a potentiality series clinching game at home.  How the fuck did this team not come out and play balls to the wall for 60 minutes?