FINAL: Bruins 2 Rangers 1

Henrik Lundqvist got beat by the Bruins fourth line in a game that the Rangers had to win. And that is friggin awesome.

Shawn Thornton had 2 assists, Gregory Campbell had an assist and Danielle Paille had a goal and an assist, including the game winner.  That is just pissa.

Seriously, I think its time for people to stop using the phrase “world class goalie” and Henrik Lundqvist in the same sentence. A “world-class” goalie would have stolen this game. Lundqvist has shown me nothing to prove he is anything more than a middle of the pack goalie in this league.

I am getting so sick of the ball washing.  His team was the #6 seed for Christ’s sake. If he didn’t have the words “Vezina winner” on his resume, he wouldn’t even have been talked about in this series.

While Im off on that tangent, Rick Nash sucks, Brad Richards sucks, Carl Hagelin sucks, Dan Girardi sucks, John Tortorella is overrated and Derek Dorsett is a pussy.

Anyway, so the Bruins are now up 3-0 to these bitches from New York.  That is fucken awesome.

And this is not 2010.  There is no need to feel insecure about this series lead.  The Bruins have now played three consecutive games of balls to the wall hockey and the Rangers have looked flat to the point that Im convinced they are trying to get Tortorella fired.  They are 0 for 10 on the power play in this series.  That isnt normal.

The only way the Rangers win this series is by an act of God.  Jesus may save but I can confidently say that he's not going to strap on a pair of skates and help the Rangers with their power play or take over for Lundqvist and stop pucks.