FINAL: Bruins 4 Maple Leafs 1. Okay, This Was My First Sportsgasm Of The Night.

All that talk about the Bruins sputtering into the playoffs was just a bunch of bullshit. Sure, they lost seven of their last nine games going into the playoffs, but that was the regular season.  This is the friggin playoffs.  And they really did just flip a swtich.

David Krejci had a goal and two assists, Milan Lucic had two assists and Nathan Horton had a goal.  The Bruins looked like a completely different team than the team we saw mailing it in for the last few weeks of the season.

If Im a Maple Leafs fan, Im giving up.  I mean, this was partly the Bruins flipping the switch and playing as if they gave a shit but it was partly James Reimer, a dude who had never played in a Stanley Cup Playoff game in his life, shitting the bed.

Not to take anything away from Johnny Boychuck or Wade Redden, but when you give up goals to Johnny Boychuck and Wade Redden in the same game, you suck.  Sure, they were both bombs, but an NHL goalie is supposed to make those saves.

I was confident going into this series and thought it would be over in 4 games.  Well, it turns out the series is over after one game.  The Maple Leafs are just in over their heads.

They have a total of 15 players who have zero playoff experience and goalie who played like he was scared shitless.  This really is a dream matchup for the Bruins.

By the way, what the frig hapenned to that guy Phil Kessel?  He didnt do shit. I mean, the guy didnt even have a shot on goal until the third period.  If this guy doesnt produce, the Leafs wont just lose, they are going to get friggin embarrassed.