FINAL: Bruins 5 Maple Laughs 4. What A Complete And Utter Sportsgasm.

This one is getting two headlines:

I mean, that was just un friggin real.  What they did defied all logic.  Its not supposed to happen.  Thats the kind of stuff you see in the movies, not in real life.  My jaw is still on the friggin floor.

Claude Julien still has a job today.  The Bruins are moving on to the next round.  Holy mother of Christ.

This was the kind of epic collapse that can crush an organization (not that the Maple Leafs werent already a laughing stock, having not won a Stanley Cup since 1967).  It was also the kind of epic comeback that can give a team confidence and propel them to a deep Stanley Cup run.

I have a friggin pants tent right now that wont be going away for days.