FINAL: Bruins 5 Maple Leafs 2. What A Friggin Win. What A Beautiful, Pants Tent Inducing Win.

Where do I start. I mean, it was a thing of beauty, it really was. The Bruins bitch slapped the Maple Leafs in their first home playoff game since 2004, the top line has woken up in a big way and Tuukka Rask (45 saves) looked like a legit playoff goalie--not that I ever doubted he was.

But there are some pricks in this town who still bring up the fact that he was the goalie when the Bruins lost to the Flyers a few years ago after being up 3-0 in the series. That has to stop.

David Kreji, Milan Lucic and Nathan Horton combined for 8 points on the night.  Nathan Horton now has goals in all three playoff games.  This guy is friggin clutch.  Milan Lucic has 6 points in the three games and David Krejci is leading the NHL in playoff scoring, with 7 points in 3 games.

Remember, Krejci lead the NHL in playoff scoring back in 2011 too, and we know what happened that year.  When this dude is on and when that first line is clicking, which it is right now, the Bruins can be scary good.

The fact that the Bruins came into this hostile environment and shut up those fans is huge.  They probably wont have half the enthusiasm in Game 4.  Mark my words.  The Toronto media is probably going to shit all over this team and the fans are going to spend the next two days reading about how much they suck...and the dominos will begin to fall.

Shit, I feel so friggin good about this win, I made second headline: