FINAL: Bruins 5 Rangers 2. I Have The Balls To Say It. The Rangers Are A Friggin Joke.

So the Bruins are now up 2-0 in the series and just scored five goals on the "greatest goalie in the world." Im sorry, but the Rangers are a friggin joke.

Calling the Rangers a joke is part hyperbole but partly true.  Henrik Lundqvist has now allowed 8 goals in two games. “World class” goalies don’t do that. They are 0 for 8 on the power play in this series and their stars aren’t showing up.

Risk Nash is supposed to be good. Brad Richards is supposed to be good. Hendrik Lundqvist is supposed to be good.  These guys have all looked like shit.  This team finished the #6 seed in the Eastern Conference, but right now they dont look like they even belong in the playoffs.

If Lundqvist didnt have the words "Vezina winner" on his resume, he would probably be benched for Game 3.  But thankfully he does and thankfully he will be the starting goalie on Tuesday.

But enough shitting on the Rangers.

Everything seems to be going right for the Bruins right now.  In each of the past two games, they have played a full 60 minutes (plus) and have been going balls to the wall.  Thats something we hadnt seen in the last two months of the season and didnt even see much in the first round.

David Krejci had two more assists in Game 2 and now has 16 points in 9 games to lead the entire NHL.  Hell, even the friggin defensemen are contributing.  Bruins defensemen have now scored 11 goals this post season.

This series has been the perfect combination of the Rangers playing like shit and the Bruins clicking on all cylanders.  Now the Bruins have to go into New York on Tuesday, step on these over-hyped assholes' necks and go up 3-0 in this series.

I would love to see the shitstorm that going up 3-0 will produce in the New York media.  I would friggin love it.