FINAL: Red Sox 10 Blue Jays 1. This Lead To My Second Sportsgasm Of The Night.

This one deserves two headline.

Buchholz made the Blue Jays his bitch, pitching 7.0 innings and allowing 0 runs on 2 hits. The dude is now the only pitcher in Major League Baseball with 6 wins.

Buchholz has only allowed 5 earned runs in his 6 starts.  That is un friggin real.  His ERA is a ridiculous 1.01.

But this game wasnt only about Clay Buchholz.  The Red Sox offense absolutely unload on Mark Buehrle and that Blue Jays bullpen. Daniel Nava, Mike Carp, Mike Naploli, Mike Napoli again and (pick your jaw up off the floor) Stephen Drew all homered for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox did what they are supposed to do and shat all over the last place team in the AL East.  They are now 19-8 on the season and I couldnt have a bigger pants tent right now.