Four Days After His Team Was Eliminated By The Bruins, John Tortorella Can Officially File For Unemployment

The Rangers announced on Wednesday afternoon that John Tortorella has been relieved of his duties as the team's head coach. Named the 34th head coach in franchise history on February 23, 2009 when he replaced Tom Renney, Tortorella coached 319 regular season games with the Blueshirts, posting an all-time record of 171-118-1-29.

Like I said before, the Rangers were basically one Tuukka Rask butt stumble away from getting swept by the Bruins. That is unacceptable for a team who finished with the best record in the Eastern Conference last season and was two wins away from making it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

So in the end, John Tortorella was the scapegoat...and rightfully so. 

In that series with the Bruins, the Rangers played with their thumbs up their collective asses and relied on Henrik Lundqvist to win the series for them.  Thats not how you win a series in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Im really surprised John Tortorella couldnt figure that out sooner.

I mean, it took him until game four to bench Brad Richards.  He basically let his players play like shit for three games before making a bold move.  You dont do that and expect to keep your job.

Anyway, this isn’t a Rangers blog so Im not going to dissect and analyze.  I frankly dont give two shits about that team.

Now just for shits and giggles, here is a video of an official yelling, "thats enough, fuck you" at John Tortorella  Enjoy: