Henrik Lundqvist Says Bruins Are Up 3-0 Because Of "Lucky Bounces." I Shit You Not.

From ESPN Boston:
"I've looked at a few games, and they definitely got some lucky bounces," Lundqvist said Thursday morning. "Last game I blame the loss on lucky bounces. They go hard to the net, that's what they do," Lundqvist said. "That's how they've played. They put pucks on the net, and they create chances from rebounds and screens and deflections."

So the Bruins have "lucked" themselves to a 3-0 series lead?  Give me a friggin break.  I know he wasnt born there, but this guy is starting to sound like every other arrogant, self-absorbed, obnoxious New Yorker.

He wont give credit where credit is due and is treating the Bruins like they are a bunch of assholes who dont deserve to be up 3-0.  Keep it classy, Henrik.

The bottom line is the Bruins have been playing a full 60 minutes every game and there are times when his team plays like they just dont give a shit. 

Hell, the Maple Leafs put up more of a fight than these clowns.

Daniel Paille beat his defenseman to the net and kocked in a rebound that Tuukka Rask wouldve pounced on. Thats not luck. Thats a result of hard work, hustle and determination. Calling it anything other than that is just ignorant.

This guy is on a sinking ship and is kicking and screaming like a little bitch on the way down.  Rangers fans must be so proud.