I Think I Found The Only Shitstain In This Town Happy That The Bruins Lost

Comparing Tuukka Rask falling on his ass to Bill Buckner letting the ball roll between his legs is a dick move.  It really is.  I swear, this douchebag is rooting for the Bruins to lose this series.

Remember, Shaughnessy is the guy who invented the phrase "Curse of the Bambino" and wrote a book about it--and made a lot of money selling a horseshit curse.  I wouldnt doubt it if he has already started writing a book about the collapse of 2013 in an attempt to turn the Bruins into the loveable losers in this town. 

Maybe he'll call it, "The Curse of Tim Thomas."  No, he'll get more creative than that.  Maybe, "The Ghost of Michael Ryder."  Ill stop now.  Im sure Little Orphan Annie will surprise us with a gem of a title.

Seriously though, if the Bruins lose, his ugly mug will be all over place rehashing the past collapses in this town and he will have a shit eating grin on his face doing it.  For the sake of Bruins fans everywhere, this team need to end this series and end it soon.