If You're Wondering Where My Strong Dislike For Rangers Fans Comes From, This Has Something To Do With It.

Yes, this really happened.  Its from a nationally televised Rangers - Devils game and it happened less than a week after the Boston Marathon bombings.

They were playing Sweet Caroline at Madison Square Garden and this lady started singing along while holding an American flag and some some asshole decided it would be funny to slap his own ass behind the American flag.

New York sports fans are some of the most pompous, self-centered, assholes in all of sports.  Now, Im not saying that all Rangers fans are assholes.  But after seeing this, I cant help but think that this fanbase has a higher percentage of assholes than any other fanbase in hockey.

Here is the video of that douchebag slapping his own ass behind the American flag just moments after this woman is overcome with emotion to the point that she literally wipes a tear from her eye (at the 1:08 mark):