In Honor Of The Red Sox Playing The Yankees This Weekend, Here Are Videos Of Yankees Fans Getting Hit In The Face With Foul Balls.

This has become a bit of a Masshole Sports tradition.  Anytime the Red Sox play the Yankees, I post these videos of Yankees fans getting hit in the face with foul balls for your enjoyment.

So, in honor of the Red Sox playing the Yankees for a three game series this weekend, here they are again.  Yankees fans getting hit in the face with foul balls.  Enjoy.

Watch this douchebag talking on his cell phone when the ball bounces and hits him directly in the face.  Sucks to be him.

This dude reaches for the ball and just flat out misses.  Friggin loser.

In this classic, the lady holding the camera gets hit in the head. Unfortunately, you cant see it...but you can hear it.

This dude had his glove on and appears to be ready for the ball yet decides to try and catch it with his face.  Bonus points on this one for the blood at the end.

If she wasnt a Yankees fan, Id say "poor lady."  But she I wont.

In this one, the ball gets deflected and the poor bastid never had a chance.