Majority Of Rangers Fans Want Tortorella Fired, GM Fired And The Owner To Sell The Team. I Guess A Bitch Slapping By The Bruins Will Do That To An Organization.

Here are the current results of a NY Daily News poll called "keep em or dump em:"

Hey, I guess a second round bitch slapping by the Bruins will do this to an organization.

I mean, the Rangers had high hopes after beating the Capitals in the first round.  They had "the best goalie in the world" playing for them.  They had a coach who allegedly knew how to push all the right buttons.

Then came the Bruins.  And the Rangers got treated like the bitches they really are.  They got manhandled in every aspect of the game and only avoided a sweep because of a Tuukka Rask butt stumble.

Now fans want the organization dismantled and sold.  Boy, it must sucks being a Rangers fan today.

By the way, the poll is still live if you want to vote (Vote here).