Maple Leaf Nazem Kadri Calls Bruins Series “A Very, Very Winnable Series.” Dude Either Has Humongous Balls Or Is Just Wicked Stupid.

The Bruins’ problem for the latter half of the season seemed to have been motivation. They just had a hard time getting up for games. They sleep walked through a lot of games going down the stretch and just didn’t have the testicular fortitude that they had earlier in the season.

Well, thank you Nazem Kadri.  According to Chris Johnston of Rogers Sportsnet and the NHL Network, earlier today Maple Leafs center Nazem Kadri called the match up with the Bruins, "a very, very winnable series." 

The Bruins now have their bulletin board material and a reason to play pissed off tonight.  Thank you very much, Kadri.  You just kicked yourself right in the dick.