Milan Lucic Compared Penguins To The Miami Heat And Sidney Crosby Took It As A Compliment. What A Douche.

When Milan Lucic compared the Penguins to the Heat, he was basically calling them a team of cocky superstars who have a sense of entitlement, the officials on their side and the national media humping their leg nightly. Yet for some reason, Sidney Crosby thinks it was a compliment.

Do you think maybe Crosby is so big of a douche that he doenst even know he is a douche.  I mean, this is the guy who convinced Jarome Iginla to nix the deal to the Bruins after it was already agreed upon.  You must admit, that is the height of douchebaggery.

And this is the guy who bitches and moans to the officials more than anyone Ive ever seen in all my years of watching hockey.

He is also second in the NHL in playoff scoring this year behind David Krejci, yet the people of Pittsburgh think he is the kings shit while David Krejci is a nobody, which kinda makes Penguins fans super douchey too.  But I digress.