One More Thing About That Game...

But seriously, anyone who compares this series to the Flyers series in 2010 needs to be punched in the face. David Krecji dislocated his wrist in Game 3 of that series and didn’t play again. And that was the turning point.  That changed everything.

This year is nothing like 2010. Nothing.  Only an asshole would compare this series to the 2010 Flyers series.  It is lazy, irresponsible douchebaggery (yes douchebaggery, not journalism)

If Tuukka Rask didnt fall down, we'd be talking about how a sucky team put up a good fight and still got swept.  That was not a series changing play.  The only people calling that a series changing play are the yahoos in New York who think they are the kings shit.  I wouldnt expect any less from those arrogant pricks.