Papelbon Says He Would Pitch For Red Sox Again…Yet He Put Red Sox On The “No-Trade List” In His Contract. This Dude Is Such A Bullshit Artist.

According to a major league source, Jonathan Papelbon has the Red Sox as one of the eight teams on his no-trade list. While Papelbon wouldn’t comment on his no-trade clause, the Philadelphia closer wouldn’t rule out one day pitching in Boston again.

“Yeah, I could see myself in Boston,” he told

Don’t get me wrong, Im not pissed at Papelbon for leaving the Red Sox.  If anything, Im pissed at the Red Sox for not giving the dude his money.  But thats another story for another day.

What's pissing me off today is that Papelbon is such a phony.  I mean, the dude is a Grade A bullshit artist.  He was asked by the media if he would ever pitch for the Red Sox again and, instead of being honest and telling them that they were on his "no-trade list," he gave them a bullshit line about how he can see himself pitching for the Red Sox again.

Jesus Christ, grow a pair of balls.  He probably doesnt want his legacy in this town to be about how he didnt like pitching here, how he bolted town at the first chance he got then including the Red Sox on his "no-trade list."  But come on, sometimes you just have to strap a pair on and face the music.  Throwing a bunch of bullshit cliches at reporters just makes you look like even more of a dick.