Penguins Are Selling Ulf Samuelsson Shirts As Part Of Their "Legends Line." That Is Such Bullshit.

photo via SportingNews

Ill keep this simple: Ulf Samuelsson was a piece of shit.

Penguins fans will say that he was just an agitator who played a very physical game but thats only partly true.  The reality is, he was a dirty player who didnt fight and was the kind of dick who would bait the other teams more talented players into taking penalties.  That is not an honorable way to play the game.

When you look back at a dudes career and realizing that he was nothing more than a pussy who annoyed people, you cant call him a legend.  This guy should not be celebrated.  Anyone with a hockey IQ above zero knows this.

But how many Penguins fans have a hockey IQ above zero anyway?  They are stupid enough to think that Tomas Vokoun is going to outplay Tuukka Rask and bring them a Stanley Cup this year. 

Anyway, here is Cam Neely verbally ripping Ulf Samuelsson a new asshole: