Some Loudmouthed MSG Network Employee Thinks The Rangers Are Better Than The Bruins At Everything And Will Win In 5 Games. What A Cocky Bastid.

And people think I make shit up when I say New Yorkers are really full of themselves.

These are real tweets from some clown named Stan Fischler.  Ive never heard of the guy, but he has a little blue check next to his name on twitter and his own wikipedia page, so I guess he is famous.

According to his wikipedia page, he works for the MSG Network, is an author, professor and "promotes himself as 'The Hockey Maven.'"  On his twitter profile, he desribes himself as an "Emmy Award-winning MSG Broadcaster." 

I dont know.  The guy seems like a bit of a douche.   And he is picking the Rangers to beat the Bruins in five games because they have better everything than the Bruins--goaltending, forwards, defensemen and coaching.

Give me a friggin break.  I dont know how New Yorkers can listen to this dude and not laugh.  Oh, thats right, its because most New Yorkers are just like this prick--arrogant, self centered and mouthy.

If this is what they call "analysis" in New York, then I feel bad for Rangers fans.  I really do.