Stan Fischler Is Nothing More Than A Cocky, Piece Of Shit New Yorker Who Deserves To Be Fired

This guy is a hockey analyst for the MSG Network.  He gets paid to talk about hockey.  Literally, everything he said in his prediction was wrong.  I mean, the dude couldnt have been any more wrong.  This guy is a friggin idiot and a disgrace to the Rangers broadcast team.

There is a good chance that John Tortorella gets fired if/when the Rangers get swept.  This dude should be right behind Tortorella in the unemployment line.

Believe me, I hate Rangers fans as much as the next Masshole, but even they dont deserve to listen to this moron talk about hockey.  They are being brainwashed by an idiot with no hockey IQ whatsoever.

If this guy wants to be a fanboy, then maybe he should quit his day job and become a full-time sports talk show caller.  Because thats what he sounds like.  Or better yet, he can hold pep rallies for all the yahoos in New York who buy his bullshit.

It just pisses me off that this guy gets paid to analyze hockey.  It really does.

On top of everything I just said, the dude doesnt know how to add.  With the Rangers down 0-3 in the series, he tweeted this:

The dude predicted Rangers in five, for Christ's sake.  So does this mean he is changing his prediction?  Or does this clown just not understand the concept of math?  I am genuinely confused right now.

If he is a true New York bullshit artist, he will probably use semantics to say that he is talking about the fact that he picked them to win, not the fact that he said five games.

Just more bullshit from a true New York asshole.