The Media In New York Is Already Making Excuses For Lundqvist. Theyre Calling Him "Banged Up" But "Ready To Go." Oh, Cry Me A Friggin River.

From CBS New York:
One key factor for the Rangers is the play — and health — of goalie Henrik Lundqvist. Lundqvist was back on the ice Monday after his rough game on Sunday, in which he also appeared to injure his left shoulder. He was no worse for wear during and following the hour-long practice ahead of Tuesday’s Game 3 in New York.

They just cant give the Bruins credit, can they.  Their hard on for Henrik Lundqvist is just too goddamn stiff.  "Appeared to injure" his left shoulder?  Even Lundqvist admitted that he isnt injured.  he is saying that he is just sore.

But the media in New York is having a real hard time accepting the fact that the one-time Vezina winner is having a bad series so far and they are going to cling to his "apparent injury" as the scapegoat when they eventually shit the bed.  That is just friggin pathetic.

They are just looking for any way to not give the Bruins credit.  Thats the New York way though, isnt it?  It's a lot easier to blame an "apparent injury" than to admit the Bruins dominated your one-time Vezina winner and made him their bitch.

Honestly though, Im not surprised by the arrogance and lack of humility.  Im just disgusted.