This Dude With The "Toronto Stronger" Sign Is Either The Biggest Asshole Ive Ever Seen In My Life Or An Ignorant, Clueless Prick

This picture of some asshole holding a "Toronto Stronger" sign was all over the internet last night.  At first, I was enraged.  Then I started thinking, there is no way someone could be that much of an asshole.  No way.

Im thinking this dude is just a friggin moron and doesnt know what Boston Strong stands for.  I just cant comprehend the idea of someone making a such a disgusting mockery of us.  Maybe Im just in shock.  Maybe Im in denial.  But I just cant believe that he did this maliciously.

But even if that sign was made in ignorance of that day, simply seeing it is a slap in the face to every victim of the Boston Marathon bombing, to every first responder, to everyone who has a loved one with no friggin legs right now and to everyone who experienced the terror of seeing this city we love on lockdown.

We may never know if this guy is a malicious asshole or just an ignorant asshole.  But no matter what the guys intent was and no matter how much the chest pumping "freedom of speech" screamers are going to take his side, one thing is undeniable:  the guy is a fucking asshole.