VIDEO: Jerry Remy And Dennis Eckersley Are Pissed At Dirk Hayhurst's Accusations That Clay Buchholz Is Cheating

Wow. The boys at NESN arent taken this guys bullshit lightly.  Listen as Jerry Remy says, "I have faced guys who throw spits balls and you know it right away."  Dennis Eckersley had a little more fire under his ass than Remy.

Eckersley responded to Hayhurt's comments by saying, "why are we giving this guy any play...[he's] a lifetime minor league pitcher."  Then when Eckersley learns that former Major League pitcher Jack Morris said, "I have no doubt in my mind that Clay Buchholz is doctoring the baseball," Eck sounds like he wants to fight the dude.

He called Morris "clueless" and said, "the hitters didnt complain but Jack Morris did.  Jack Morris should zip it."  I would love to see Dennis Eckersley kick both of their asses.  What they said is irresponsible and to put it bluntly, bullshit.

Here's the video: