So, The Bruins Are Going To The Stanley Cup Finals And The Penguins Are Not.

Ill keep this simple.  The Bruins absolutely, unequivocally made the Penguins their bitch.  For four straight games, the Bruins bent them over, palms against the wall, and had their way with them.  The Penguins scored two friggin goals this series.  Two.  And they got swept.

What else is there to say?  There's nothing to analyze in this series because it wasnt a series.  The Bruins dominated the Penguins in every aspect of the game and sent them packing in four games.

Like I said before (and got laughed at by the delusional Penguins fans) the Bruins executed better than the Penguins, they had better goaltending, better forwards, better defensemen and were better coached.

What pisses me off is that Penguins fans will still say that the Penguins are the better team.  They will still say that Sidney Crosby is the best player in the world...after their team scored two friggin goals in the Eastern Conference Finals and got swept.

I guess I will get some satisfaction in knowing that the rest of the hockey world will just sit back and laugh at the delusional bastids.

Anyway, on to the Stanley Cup Finals.