Blackhawks Took Out Full Page Ad In The Globe Thanking Bostonians For "Demonstrating Respect And Good Sportsmanship" During The Stanley Cup Final. I Guess They Don’t Read Masshole Sports.

Well, that was nice of them.  Dont I feel like a dick right now.  Here I am shitting all over them after every win and they come back with a polite thank you.

The Blackhawks are a classy organization.  Ive said that from the beginning.  And there wasnt much to hate about them or their fans, really.  They play hockey the right way and their fans get it.  It sucked that the Bruins lost but at least they lost to an organization and a fanbase that respects the game just like we do.

If the Bruins had played and lost to the LA Kings it wouldve been an injustice to the sport of hockey and Id be ripshit right now. But they lost to the Blackhawks so Im just pissed off.