Claude Julien Responds To Jonathan Toews Talking Shit About Outworking Zdeno Chara In Game 4. Says "Try It Again."

After Game 4, that stupid son of a bitch Jonathan Toews opened his big mouth and boldly declared that the Blackhawks "outworked" Zdeno Chara and that they "want to continue that."

Zdeno Chara has not responded (publicly) but Claude Julien has.

“They’re allowed comments, and if that’s what they think then they should try it again,” said Claude Julien. "My only response is that my player is going to be good and ready tonight, and they can try it again tonight if that’s what they think.”

Translation:  bring it on bitches.  Like I said before, Zdeno Chara has been in full beast mode for the entire playoffs.  He happened to have an off night in Game 4 and Toews was stupid enough to call him out.

If Toews thinks that he is going to outwork Chara for the rest of this series or that the Blackhawks have somehow "figured him out" then this guy is dumber than we all think.  Then again, he was dumb enough to call out Chara after one bad game.  Maybe the dude really is a little soft in the head.