Don Cherry Calls Evgeni Malkin A "Loser." I Like The Way This Guy Talks.

From WEEI:
“I wouldn’t give that guy anything,” Cherry said. “I think he’s a dog — a talented dog. He turns it on when he wants to turn it on. He couldn’t play for the Bruins, I’ll tell you that. You’re going to say, ‘Well, what about [Jaromir] Jagr?’ Jagr’s out there giving every ounce he’s got every time. I don’t know if he can score, but he’s giving every ounce he can. You can’t compare them.

“I wouldn’t have that Malkin. I know he’s talented, I know. But to me, he’s a loser, as far as I’m concerned.”

Im so glad someone had the balls to come out and say it. Don Cherry may dress like a corporate circus clown but when it comes to hockey, the guy knows what he is talking about.  And hearing someone with such a loud voice speak out about Evgeni Malking is so goddamn refreshing.

If Penguins fans are grasping for a reason as to why they got annihilated by the Bruins in four games, maybe they should look at Evgeni Malkin.  At least Sidney Crosby has an excuse.  Zdeno Chara absolutely shut that whiny little bitch down in that series.  But Malkin simply shat the bed.  Its that simple.

And the Penguins front office was stupid enough to sign him to eight year, $76 million contract extension after he went without a point in the four game annihilation.  I always knew Penguins fans had a low hockey IQ.  Now we know that their front office is just as stupid.