FINAL: Bruins 2 Blackhawks 0

I don’t know how the Blackhawks can feel like there is any hope for them right now. After the Bruins mailed it in for most of Game 2, they flipped the proverbial switch, came back to win that game and carried their momentum into Game 3.

The Bruins friggin owned the Blackhakws in Game 3. They outhit the Blackhawks 31 to 25, outshot them 35 to 28, and won more faceoffs, 40 to 16.

This series is a lot more lopsided than it looks. Hell, if not for the twice deflected shot in overtime of Game 1, the Bruins would be up 3-0 in this series. And the fact that the Bruins basically mailed it in for most of Game 2 and still won that game should scare the shit out of the Blackhawks.

In three games, the Blackhawks goaltending has been mediocre at best, their power play has sucked (they are 0-11 on the power play this series) and their best players aren’t showing up. Sounds a lot like the Penguins series.

In Chicago, they’re probably going to say that they simply ran into a hot goalie. That’s partly true…but mostly bullshit. The reality is the Bruins are playing great team defense, they are deeper than the Blackhawks, their best players are better than the Blackhawks best players and Tuukka Rask is a better goalie than Corey Crawford.

The only thing the Blackhawks have going for them is their awesome jerseys. That’s it.  That is probably the only thing keeping the casual hockey fan interested in this series.

Like I said, if not for a twice deflected shot getting past Rask in overtime of Game 1, the Bruins would be up 3-0 and the series would basically be over.  And for the record, the math is still there for my original prediction of Bruins in five.   

And Im not being a cocky bastid right now.  Its called having a high hockey IQ.