FINAL: Bruins 2 Blackhawks 1

It must suck being a Blackhawks fan today. They must be shaking their heads and wondering how the hell they lost that game. The Blackhawks dominated for the majority of regulation.  Hell, they outshot the Bruins 19-4 in the first period.  Yet after three periods, the score was 1-1.

Three words:  Tuukka Fucken Rask.  Thank the friggin Lord for Tuukka Rask. Thats all I can say. I mean, I know Daniel Paille was the overtime hero, but this was Tuukka Rask's game.  The Bruins had absolutely no business winning this game and Tuukka Rask stole it for them.  He had 33 saves and a .971 save percentage.  That is pissa. 

And about that Corey Crawford guy.  He makes some flashy saves but he isnt going to steal the Blackhawks a game in this series.  The game winning goal in Game 2 wasnt a twice deflected shot like the one Tuukka Rask gave up in Game 1. Daniel Paille flat out beat his ass, high glove side.  Tuukka would have made that save.  The more I see of Corey Crawford, the more confident I feel about this series.

Anyway, so the Blackhawks won Game 1 at home and that is cute. But the math is still there for my original prediction of Bruins in 5.  And seeing how Tuukka Rask played in Game 2, I feel damn good about that prediction.

The Bruins friggin owned overtime in Game 2 and have all the momentum coming home.  I cannot wait for Monday night at the Garden.